Funfair Ride Hire Ltd


Rock o plane                     

The rock o plane is a 8 car ride with to seats to a car, has the ride starts to go round and build up speed the cars start to spin there a break in the car to stop the car from spinning if you wanted ,this ride is sutabile for anyone over 4ft 3 , ths ride will cover carnivals , school fates corprate events.  build up time is around 2 hour


The dodgem is a ultimate family ride from ages 3 to 93 years old small children must be accompanied by an adult, this ride works well at any event , build up time is approxinace 3 hrs


The Waltzer is another very popular ride. Consisting of 9 or 10 car versions. Caters for anyone over 1.3 metres tall. Each car can hold up to 4 people. Diameter of this  ride is 60ft. Build up time approximately 4 to 5 Hours.

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